Wilson & Wallace takes its name from the Wilson & Wallace general store, a late 1700s staple of trade in the city of Pittsburgh. The old general store served as a centerpiece in the community, likely donning a welcoming facade along a muddy street dotted with wild hogs and wagons. Wilson & Wallace stocked dry goods along with “many articles too tedious to enumerate,” exchangeable for cash, flour and whiskey.

The city streets are no longer muddied or wagon-filled, but the bustling hum of a friendly community exists still. The present day Wilson & Wallace exists to serve as the same neighborhood staple. While goods are no longer exchanged for whiskey, we’re happy to pour you a glass as you browse the general store shelves for curated wares for home and life.

Wilson & Wallace is located inside of Kinsman Shop in the lively neighborhood of Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh, PA.