What kind of stuff do you guys carry?

Words like essential, intentional, functional and enduring guide us. We’re not big believers in ‘one-time wears’.  We’re about the everyday. And a simpler, better day at that. So we stock raw denim, chinos and shorts for daily wear. Expect basic and elevated tees you won’t want to take off. Sweatshirts and sweaters for cool summer nights and frigid winter days. And shirts that fit any occasion. We offer grooming goods, because looking and smelling fresh is mandatory. We’ve got bags, leather goods, and notebooks for upgrading your daily carry essentials. And a limited, but solid selection of home goods that will help you get your place on point.

From morning coffee to afternoon meetings and evening drinks with friends, we help you achieve the, ‘looking good without trying’ vibe.

Why do you emphasize American made products?

It’s simple, really. We’re committed to bringing you the absolute best items we can find. If an item is in the shop, trust that it is a high-quality, well made product. We won’t settle for anything less and neither should you.

On our search for products that lived up to this standard, a lot of the American-made brands we stock exceeded expectations. Brands based in the US allow for constant, uninterrupted dialogue. They let us get you what you need more quickly. Plus, American made goods give us transparency into the production process to make sure we’re giving you the best products possible.

With that said, there are a few products we stock that are not made in the States—but no quality or care is compromised in the process. For these items, we sought brands that produce their products responsibly and ethically and are attentive to their production processes.

Does “American made” mean ridiculously expensive?

No. Sourcing durable goods that look, fit, and feel great, and still come at a reasonable price is what we do. You shouldn’t have to sweat the cost of your shirt — you have more important things to worry about. So we made it easy by finding great American-made pieces at prices that won’t break the bank.

Can you help me figure out what to wear?

Yeah, any time. Until we work out a more formalized styling service, feel free to stop by the brick and mortar or email us at hello@kinsmanshop.com to talk about what you’re looking for.

When are you open?

We’re working on our hours to figure out what works best for you. Right now, we’re trying out Tuesday through Friday, 11a-6p, Saturdays 11a-5p and Sundays 12p-5p.

Do you do events and things?

Sure do — in a number of ways. If your event could use some Kinsman goods, we can be there. If you love our back room and want to collaborate on an event at our brick and mortar, we’re all about it. And if you just like the Kinsman style and want your shindig styled by us, we can do that too.

Contact hello@kinsmanshop.com if you want to work together.

Can I return something if it doesn't fit right?

Yes, please see our Return Policy for details on returns.