WHERE TO STAY | Our favorite weekend getaway

The Pittsburgh versus Philadelphia rivalry is real. Especially when it comes to sports and sandwiches (Primanti’s or cheesesteaks?). But we’re ready to make a bold claim. Are you ready? Philly should be your next vacation destination.

Aside from the history abound, Philly’s home to a crazy up and coming food scene, a collection of super cool neighborhoods, and the area’s first invisible service hotel: Lokal Hotel.

Yeah, invisible service. Think all the luxury of a hotel and none of the hassle. No lengthy check-in process, no front desk to deal with, no room keys that inevitably get lost or deactivated. Instead, you arrive armed with your key codes. The first one gets you into your door, the second one gets you into your room. And by room, we mean super hip studio apartment in the heart of Philadelphia's Old City neighborhood.

The studio is filled with everything to give you serious apartment envy: mid-century modern furniture, plenty of greens, high ceilings and massive windows. Aside from the completely stunning design, the apartment comes equipped with all the stuff you need to feel at home, including a fully equipped kitchen, amazing bar and bath products from local vendors, and one of our favorites, Rival Brothers coffee.

The only downside to Lokal Hotel? You might not ever want to leave.