How To Create a Personal Uniform That Combines Style, Comfort and Simplicity

Okay, so you know that creating a personal uniform will bring a level of ease, efficiency and stability in your daily wardrobe. Now what? Friends, it’s time to build your uniform.

How to do it

It’s easy. If you live in a climate with 2-4 distinct seasons you might need variations of the uniform. But at its core, we’re aiming to divide your wardrobe into three main categories: tops, pants, and shoes.

Gut check before you buy

When you’re hunting for pieces for your personal uniform, make sure you’re investing in items you’re committed to. When you find something you’re into, try measuring it against these criteria: (1) Does it fit you well? (2) Is it well made? (3) Will it go out of style quickly? (4) Does it make you feel awesome? All of these are important questions, especially the last one.

When you’ve found a piece that checks all the boxes, buy 5 of them. Choose different colors, making sure the tops go with your bottoms and your bottoms go with your shoes. It sounds like a steep upfront cost, but you’ll be saving money in the long run.

Let’s talk about thought starters for the three parts of the uniform.

What's up top

Photo from: Esquire

After your face, people’s eyes will draw here first. So make it a thoughtful choice.  In the summer this might be a standard pocket tee (like these). In cooler temps, maybe a classic Oxford (like these) or throwing a cardigan over your tee. These styles have maintained their cool in every decade, so no need to worry about it not being trendy next year.

What's down below

Photo from: @whaleysworld

Let’s be honest: good solid denim might be the most classic piece in American menswear. You might want to consider raw denim, an option that will provide high quality and something that is totally customized to you. But denim’s not for everyone. If you fall in that camp, a slim fitting chino in khaki, navy, olive and/or gray could be up your alley.

What's on your feet

Photo from: @redrawdenim

Sticking with one to two types of shoes for your daily uniform can really cut down on the number of shoes you have lying around. But if shoes are your indulgence, you can still go hard with the personal uniform. Like tops or bottoms, you can start exploring variations once you find the style you love. In the sunshine and warm temps, a classic lightweight sneaker can serve you well. In the fall, you can’t go wrong with a sturdy boot or chukka shoe.

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