Beyond the Bachelor Pad: 7 Simple Ways to Make Your Apartment Look More Grown Up

Photo from: @newdarlings

You can land a great gig. Meet a lovely lady. And even find the perfect pair of raw denim. But until you purposefully (and tastefully) style your apartment, you can’t confidently say that you have your shit together.

Aside from scoring points with any visitors, a living space designed with intention puts the mind at ease. And despite what you might think, it’s not all that difficult to do. Here are a few ways to add good vibes to your apartment in an instant.


If your place smells great, it will be evident as soon as someone walks through the door. And that’s exactly the kind of first impression you want. Whatever you do, don’t buy the flowery candle from your aunt’s Yankee Candle party. You want a masculine scent in a simply-branded jar. We recommend Teakwood and Tobacco or Golden Coast from P.F. Candle Co.


Photo from: @prickly_park

It’s simple: living things add life to your space. Grab a couple of greens to bring natural color into your living quarters. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t fret - narrow your scope to those super-hard-to-kill plants like Philodendrons, ferns and succulents.

Kinsman tip: Put some gravel in a pot then add your plants in. That way you won’t have a mess every time you water them, and the roots won’t rot out either.


Yes, we said “magazines.” No, we are not referring to a stack of GQ and Men’s Fitness issues. Find a few magazines and periodicals that are interesting and tasteful. Ones that you want to read and look nice, too. Then add a few to your coffee table and book shelves. We recommend Kinfolk, The Great Discontent and the Collective Quarterly to start.


Photo by: @home_camp

A good, well-made blanket goes a long way. Look for something warm and sturdy (wool does the trick every time) in simple colors and a classic pattern, like stripes or herringbone. Throw a small one over a chair or on your sofa, and a large one at the bottom of your bed. Practical for cool nights, visually pleasing for any other time. We recommend just about anything from Faribault Woolen Mill, like the Trapper or Revival Stripe throws.

Wine glasses

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This should go without saying, but we’ll throw it on the list just in case. Invest in some wine glasses. They don’t have to be fancy, and you can even go with a stemless glass for a more masculine look.

Bar Cart

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Or general bar necessities—no cart is actually required. Because if you’re making cocktails, they should be done right, and never half-assed. That means stocking up the essential bar tools and ingredients for some of your favorite cocktails.

Things on the wall

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The only thing worse than a bare wall is a wall with random bits haplessly tacked on. Hang things on your walls. Go for a simple round mirror, a big piece of art, or a tasteful flag. You could also go the extra mile and pick up some simple floating shelves, perfect for a couple of books or greens. The rule of all rules: no poster goes on the wall unless it is framed.