7 Foolproof Cocktails You Can Make in Minutes

Cocktails can be tricky. From the extensive lingo to the particularities that come with each drink, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to make your own. But don’t stress, simplify instead.

Here’s the plan. Limit the number of ingredients. Stick with the essentials: whiskey, gin, vodka, and rum. And hone your cocktail making skills one drink at a time, starting with these seven simple recipes each made with three ingredients.

Whiskey Ginger
The whiskey + ginger is the perfect go-to drink when you're looking for something fresh and time is really of the essence.

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Old Fashioned
This drink is a classic for a reason: it’s the one drink that should be in every guy’s arsenal. If it’s not, we got your back.

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Green Ghost
The Green Ghost is the classic you’ve never heard of. It first appears in print in 1937, in the Cafe Royal Cocktail Book, where it's attributed to J. B. Hurrell.

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Gin and It
There’s only two ingredients, so even a novice can score big with this one.

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Classic Moscow Mule
Anything best served in a copper mug is good in our book.

Photo: United By Blue

The Vesper
If James Bond is into it, so are we.

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Dark and Stormy
Royal Navy Officers accidentally invented this cocktail in the late 1800s when they put Gosling’s Black Seal rum in their ginger beer to soothe sea sickness.

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